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Since 2020 LANICAD has been selling and renting licenses for WSCAD SUITE X PLUS in both Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, you can contact LANICAD for support, training and education. We support you wherever necessary so you can get the most out of this high-tech CAD software and lift your workflow to a higher level.

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WSCAD SUITE X PLUS: next-generation electrical CAD software

WSCAD SUITE X PLUS is an innovative, fast, user-friendly and economical CAD software for architects, engineers and construction professionals. The software uses the latest technologies, such as multithreading, augmented reality and automation, and leaves other CAD software far behind. Furthermore, you can fully customize this all-in-one CAD software to your needs. That’s right, WSCAD SUITE X PLUS is exáctly what you need for your projects. Below, you get a full overview of WSCAD’s main assets.


Want to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently? WSCAD SUITE X PLUS makes it happen. This CAD software works at lightning speed thanks to multithreading and can load projects with more than 1,000 pages in no time. Moreover, the software enables you to rapidly create a PLC and to complete the documentation of your project up to 10 times faster.

Augmented reality

WSCAD SUITE X PLUS includes two augmented reality (AR) apps: the Cabinet AR app and the Building AR app. The Cabinet AR app allows you to scan field devices and components from a control cabinet. This will give you immediate access to schematics and 3D views of all components as well as manufacturer’s part data and data sheets. The Building AR app, on the other hand, allows you to scan buildings in 3D and save them as DXF files. This is particularly useful if the existing building is modified, if there is no documentation available or if the documentation contains errors.


Thanks to WSCAD SUITE X PLUS, the engineering process – which can normally take several weeks – is reduced to just a few minutes. This next-level CAD software saves a lot of valuable time by automating processes and routine tasks. For example, numerous design templates (macros) are available and allow you to generate schematics automatically, with a single click.

Functional and flexible

WSCAD SUITE X PLUS is very easy to use and brings all the necessary functions together on one platform. From electrical schematics over piping and fluid power to the entire electrical installation. You can always add additional functionalities with the add-on modules and purchase additional licenses whenever needed. WSCAD SUITE X PLUS grows with you and your business.

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