Study and engineering

At LANICAD, we design every electrical installation with great care and precision. We have the right knowledge, tools and experts to complete the entire study of your project on time, on budget and in close collaboration with the people involved.

Study and engineering


Engineering Process Check

We optimise the engineering process by optimally aligning the work processes to achieve more efficiency and higher quality. We analyse the processes, map the working methods, identify the bottlenecks and provide solutions to increase productivity. For example, time savings of more than 25% can be achieved during the different steps of the process.

Your employees will be interviewed during the Engineering Process Check. Based on this, we will map your current working methods, your bottlenecks and your company’s vision for the future. Afterwards, we will analyse the data. This results in a report with optimisation tips (step-by-step plan) and the possible savings potential.

We give you advice on all aspects of the engineering process and discuss procedures, responsibilities, competences and the organisation of the project.


  • We analyse your engineering process objectively.
  • We analyse the necessary input and output of the different departments.
  • We inventory the data and the engineers/departments who/that have registered this data in the various systems.
  • We draw up an interdisciplinary process diagram.
  • We identify the bottlenecks.
  • We share the individual knowledge of the engineers with the entire company.
  • We provide advanced methods and tools to increase productivity.
  • We define your company-specific process goals.
  • We provide advice and present proposals to optimise your process.

You will receive a written report of the analyses and findings and an estimate of the investments vs. the returns. Furthermore, you will receive an overview of the measures that need to be taken to design your processes more efficiently and effectively. We will explain all results of the Engineering Process Check during an evaluation interview with your company’s management team.

Study and engineering


Our experts provide dynamic support to optimise your engineering processes. The project manager checks and monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of your optimisation project and he/she is the link between your company and the end customer.

We guarantee an optimal implementation of the drawing systems. Your managers can keep on focussing on the core business of their company, since they do not have to deal with time-consuming implementation processes.

An experienced LANICAD project manager organises project meetings and evaluates all project developments and actions. If necessary, we make adjustments or provide additional trainings.


  • We create a project plan and we initialise your optimisation project.
  • We supervise and direct your project.
  • We monitor your objectives and adjust them whenever necessary.
  • We participate in interdisciplinary project meetings within your organisation.
  • We act as primary point of contact when your team experiences problems during the implementation.
  • We ensure an optimal and smooth implementation process.
Study and engineering



  • guarantees quality and uniformity of your documentation.
  • is essential, especially when the documentation is made by different people and/or suppliers.
  • reduces errors.
  • improves efficiency.
  • ensures fast access to documentation and saves valuable time, because installations can be maintained quicker and downtime can be reduced.
  • enhances functionalities.
  • increases quality of the documentation.
  • Minder fouten.
  • Kortere stilstandtijden bij onderhoud dankzij betere toegankelijkheid van gegevens.
  • ensures security in the short term as well as in the long term.
  • establishes an optimal collaboration, thanks to the transparent engineering guidelines and the uniform working method.

First of all, we inventory and align your wishes. Based on this, we develop a company-specific standard. We allocate rights and organisational structures to ensure easy access to the features.


  • We set up a company-specific symbol file.
  • We develop company-specific forms.
  • We define the parameters.
  • We determine company-specific project and page properties.
  • We draw up a description for the standardisation manual.
  • We configure a basic project.
Study and engineering


We design your diagrams by using our extensive expertise. This way, you can save time and optimise your returns. There are lots of options, which we can customise according to your wishes. Our Drawing Service is characterised by efficiency, quality and uniformity. You can realise your projects quickly and reliably at any time.

Transfer of existing diagrams

Do you want to standardise the documentation of existing projects and include them in the system? We easily transfer all of your diagrams to the digital format of your choice. Whether it concerns documentation on paper, digital documentation of previous versions or data in third-party systems.

We use two different methods:

  • 1:1 transfer without upgrade

For example to open and to view diagrams without references or processes in a viewer.
An upgrade similar to the quality level of your own standardisation.

  • Automatic transfer

With this method, the underlying “intelligent” data from your diagrams are being transferred as well.

Do you want to transfer all of your projects?

Rely on one of our experienced specialists to ensure a maximum degree of quality. After analysing your projects and inventorying your points of concern, we make an estimation of the required workload.

The ‘Drawing Service’ is often combined with the ‘Standardisation Service’.