You can always rely on our LANICAD employees. They are standby and ready to help you out during large projects or at peak times, with the aid of their own workstation and software license.

Thanks to the various specialisations and profiles within our team, we are the perfect partner to support your business.




Ensure that your employees immediately get maximum returns. Firstly from the drawing functions in relation to your specific working method and management documentation. Secondly from followed on-the-job trainings and/or workshops with personal support. One of our specialists supports your employees while they are at work and ensures an optimal integration of the drawing systems within your company.


Our On-site Service saves valuable engineering time. Furthermore, it helps you to make the right choices and it points you in the right direction. This motivates your employees and ensures a quick return on investment (ROI).


When providing On-site Service, we firstly inventory your wishes. Afterwards, we discuss these wishes in a structured way while your employees are at their workstations. We conclude the On-site Service with an evaluation of the issues we have dealt with.


On-site Service is especially suited:

  • if you want to implement the system quickly.
  • if you want to realise company-specific functions, such as parametrisation, special numbering and layout of your forms.
  • if the training of your engineers has been completed and if you want to evaluate your working methods to identify and eliminate any possible bottlenecks.
  • if you want to optimally apply certain functionalities of the system, such as wire numbering, wire lists, material lists and lists of terminal strips.