LANICAD answers all of your technical questions in a clear and comprehensible way. You can easily contact us via telephone or ask for support online.

Whenever necessary, we provide on-site service to assist you with the numerous software applications. We help you to determine which software you should buy. Thanks to our year-long experience, we can quickly propose the right solution.




Maximum returns and optimal interdisciplinary cooperation. This increases the quality of the engineering processes, avoids errors and saves both time and money during the production or start-up phase. Consulting primarily focuses on the practical implementation during daily engineering practice.


A LANICAD CADburo BVBA consultant will provide advice based on your problem definition. This advice focuses on your engineering process, your organisation and the use of your tools.

Optimisation of your engineering process in the following areas:

  • interdisciplinary cooperation
  • quality of standardisation
  • consistency of data
  • room for innovation
  • clear processes and motivation due to transparency for all those involved


Thanks to our sound advice you’ll have all the necessary practical tools to optimise your work process and to work extremely quickly and effectively. This enables you to innovate your engineering environment profoundly and to increase efficiency at short notice. Furthermore, it prevents you from making the wrong choices and it creates room for innovation, which is beneficial for your competitive position.



Answering questions about practical engineering aspects in relation to the drawing systems.

For example, the following issues can be addressed during the Engineering Consulting project:

  • “How can we perform the migration optimally”
  • “How can we create and maintain the database”
  • “Is further optimisation useful at the moment”
  • “How can functional engineering benefit our organisation”


A LANICAD CADburo BVBA consultant will answer your questions personally and will provide insight into the various options. Engineering Consulting takes place in an office, takes about 2 hours and is initially free of charge.


The consultant answers your questions to provide insight into:

  • The options.
  • The available support.
  • The general overview.
  • The consequences at global level.
  • The optimal strategy for your situation.
  • The potential for optimisation in relation to the necessary investments.

Afterwards, the consultant will draw up a preliminary action plan together with you:

  • Which strategy should be followed?
  • What is the starting position?
  • What kind of support can LANICAD provide, in terms of training and service?