About us


LANICAD was established in 1996 and has since become a fixture in the world of engineering. Support in panel construction and project support/project management of the highest level.

About us


That is what LANICAD has been specialising in since October 1996. Nicolas Landuyt established this company, stimulated by idealism and by his extensive experience in this particular niche sector. He gained practical experience at various installation companies and acquired knowledge of panel construction at GE Power Controls in Ghent.

It is our mission to go further where others stop. This way, we can deliver extremely detailed designs to simplify the construction and installation of your electric plant.

By focussing on “Electrical Engineering Services”, we’ve become a strong player in the continually changing market.

LANICAD is based on four business units/solid pillars:

  • BU Build (scanning & building engineering)
  • BU CAD (computer-aided design)
  • BU CAE (computer-aided engineering)
  • BU South (operation SOUTH Belgium)

Our company’s success factors

We keep our expertise up to date through continuous training. This approach reinforces us to carry out a meticulous study of every project.

We accomplish this through close and continuous collaboration with the customer. Not by working independently in an ivory tower up above. The customer’s input is important to us. This healthy interaction results in smoothly running production processes and a fruitful long-term relationship.

Historical overview

LANICAD CADburo started as a one-man company in October 1996 and grew into an EBVBA in January 2020. Throughout the years we have expanded our services, from ordinary technical drawings to engineering of the most complex electrical installations. By using the right tools, the right software and our extensive expertise in panel building, we add value to every project.

By focussing on EPLAN Engineering, we’ve become one of the specialists in our sector. Large organisations consider us to be experts in our field, since we’re one of the few EPLAN-certified companies in the Belgian market.

Thanks to our flexible approach and close collaboration with our customers, we’ve managed to build up an excellent reputation over the past few years. This is proven by the current value and state of our company.

LANICAD CADburo has already been active in this niche market for over 23 years.

About us

Business units


With the aid of 3D laser scanning, we can assist architects with their architectural projects. This scanner provides three-dimensional, high-quality images of every environment. In addition, this technique creates a three-dimensional point cloud by calculating the distance to the device for each predetermined point. This results in an extremely accurate spatial reconstruction of the environment in question. This way, you get a complete picture of the space you want to work with. It’s even perfectly possible to take a virtual walk or to zoom in on specific details or measurements.

Revit drawings and architectural designs according to the customer’s specifications.


LANICAD has been specialised in electrical engineering since the very first day. On the integrated engineering platform of EPLAN we create a refined design of techniques for electrical, fluid and process control. The EPLAN platform is globally recognised as one of the undisputed market leaders in this industry. By using this transparent package for “computer-aided engineering” (CAE), LANICAD manages to tackle the most complex electrical engineering projects adequately, efficiently and quickly.

The system takes over time-consuming work. This way, our experts can fully concentrate on the essence of your problem.

This is the perfect tool for interdisciplinary collaboration and integration and it can be combined with a unique link to mechanical engineering. LANICAD is still one of the few EPLAN-certified companies in the Belgian market. Thanks to our expertise, we are also perfectly qualified to revise other EPLAN-files in detail.


Electrical engineering starts with technical drawings. LANICAD works with the well-known AutoCAD software to accomplish this. Thanks to this “digital pencil” we can create detailed technical drawings to ensure optimal mechanic and electrical engineering. Furthermore, the versatile system is highly suitable for editing scanned images, free programming and standardisation. Your installation deserves the best care, from the very first drawing to the final commissioning.

A design is incredibly crucial. Adequate electrical engineering is of the utmost importance to achieve a high-quality end product. We either create our designs in AutoCAD/Inventor or EPLAN, depending on which is most suited to develop your system or process accurately and meticulously.


We are also active in our business unit in the south of Belgium, although to a lesser degree. We deliberately chose to split up our services with a view to accessibility and the operational and financial aspects. Furthermore, we’ve centralised our administrative applications in our headquarters to keep an overview of our organisation’s activities.

About us


“LANICAD wants to offer its customers the best possible solution at the best possible price”.

  • Achieve our customers’ goals and ambitions.
    • Ensure that our cooperation results in maximum returns for the end customers by optimally aligning our activities to their engineering situation.
    • Prevent unnecessary loss of time and optimise return on investment (ROI).
    • Virtually meet all engineering requirements through our commitment at project level and our up-to-date knowhow.
    • Continue to offer customised solutions to increase effectiveness substantially.
  • Keep on improving our internal processes.
  • Broaden our employees’ knowledge through training in new techniques and applications.
  • Ensure our employees get the opportunity to specialise in certain domains.
  • Stimulate our employees’ ambitions to help them grow.


  • LANICAD maps your wishes and provides various solutions to achieve the desired goals.
  • When you’ve selected a certain solution, we list all the functional requirements and the technical specifications in detail.
  • This results in a document in which all requirements and specifications are logged. This forms the basis for your budget plan and for the determination of the delivery time.
  • LANICAD develops the chosen custom solution and implements it in your working environment.
About us


  • Offer customers specific advice and effective solutions.
  • Improve the efficiency of engineering processes.
  • Base solutions on transparent analyses of work processes and information management, while providing an excellent service.
  • Exchange data with the work station, the suppliers and the logistics and sales department.
  • Offer services which contribute to a high return on investment (ROI) for our customers.
  • Make the difference thanks to our highly trained employees.
  • Ensure a good working atmosphere, characterised by freedom and responsibility.
About us


We want to create a comprehensive solution by closely collaborating with our customers.

  • Add value for our customers.
  • Provide solutions for our customers by focussing on their demands.
  • One-stop shop for technical installations:
    • Labelling.
    • Engraving.
    • Project management.
    • Select the right partners for the construction of electrical cabinets.
  • Extensive services related to engineering:
    • Consultancy (nationally and internationally).
    • Solution provider.
    • Excellent support.
  • Support system to offer our customers the right service in every scenario
    • Take control of our customers’ screens.
    • Forwarding our screen to our customers.