Study & engineering

At LANICAD, we design every electrical installation with great care and precision. We have the right knowledge, tools and experts to complete the entire study of your project on time, on budget and in close collaboration with the people involved.

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LANICAD is specialised in business automation in the broadest sense of the word. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience with brands and automation projects, we always propose the best possible solution for your specific problem.

We strive to add value to your project, from study phase to launch phase. We adopt a brand-independent approach and we are constantly exploring the best deals for our customers.

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LANICAD answers all of your technical questions in a clear and comprehensible way. You can easily contact us via telephone or ask for support online.

Whenever necessary, we provide on-site service to assist you with the numerous software applications. We help you to determine which software you should buy. Thanks to our year-long experience, we can quickly propose the right solution.

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You can always rely on our LANICAD employees. They are standby and ready to help you out during large projects or at peak times, with the aid of their own workstation and software license.

Thanks to the various specialisations and profiles within our team, we are the perfect partner to support your business.

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